M. Curtis McCoy

Brand Manager & Content Strategist for Bart Nollenberger

Bart Nonnelberger's Brand Manager, M. Curtis McCoy.My role encompasses overseeing Bart’s digital and visual branding, focusing on delivering impactful content and strategies that highlight his 40+ years of expertise in automotive sales and leadership coaching. I Specialize in personal branding with over two decades of digital strategy experience. My focus is on crafting a personal brand for Bart that resonates with the automotive industry, showcasing his 40+ years of expertise.

Digital Strategy and Personal Branding

My passion for personal branding drives my approach, ensuring Bart’s digital identity authentically reflects his values and industry leadership. With a background in web development since 2001 and a history of attracting over 250,000 monthly visitors to major sites, I leverage these skills to amplify Bart’s online presence and engagement.

Optimizing Digital Presence

I manage Bart’s comprehensive digital strategy, from web design to content and social media, to position him as the premier expert for automotive sales professionals. My strategic content creation, in collaboration with Bart Nollenberger, targets key themes that highlight his knowledge and engage our target audience effectively.

Expertise in Automotive Excellence

Bart Nollenberger is an authority in the automotive sales industry, celebrated for transforming sales teams and management practices at leading dealerships nationwide. His partnership with industry giants such as Ford, Toyota, AutoNation, and Galpin has revolutionized sales methodologies, cementing his status as a mentor for automotive managers seeking unparalleled success​​.

Visual Storytelling & Digital Presence

My work involves capturing Bart’s legacy and insights through professional videography, creating compelling narratives that resonate with our audience. Managing Bart’s social media and web design, I ensure that his digital platforms serve as a beacon for knowledge, innovation, and inspiration for automotive professionals.

Content Strategy That Resonates

Collaborating closely with Bart, I identify and curate content that aligns with the interests and challenges of automotive managers. Our goal is to empower and educate, leveraging Bart’s vast experience to inspire the next generation of industry leaders​​.

Our Mission

Our collective mission is to drive change and foster excellence in the automotive sales industry. Through strategic storytelling and targeted content, we aim to share Bart Nollenberger’s invaluable insights and experiences, inspiring professionals to achieve their full potential. Thank you for exploring our vision and efforts to shape the future of automotive sales leadership.

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