“If we desire to grow and reach our potential, we must pay more attention to our character than to our success. We must recognize that personal growth means more than expanding our minds and adding to our skills. It means increasing our capacity as human beings. It means maintaining core integrity, even when it hurts. It means being who we should be, not just being where we want to be. It means maturing our souls.” — John C. Maxwell

From John C. Maxwell’s great book, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, one of the great laws is The Law of the Ladder – Character Growth Determines the Height of Your Personal Growth. This law is all about character and how important it is in the solidity and longevity of our success because it is then built on character as a solid foundation from which to build greatness. In the book, John talks about the rungs on his character ladder by using these key points:

  1. I Will Focus on Being Better on the Inside than on the Outside–Character Matters. The inside influences the outside.
  2. I Will Follow the Golden Rule–People Matter. Following the golden rule is a wonderful character builder.
  3. I Will Teach Only What I Believe–Passion Matters. Do you know what they call a speaker who teaches what he doesn’t believe? A hypocrite!
  4. I Will Value Humility Above All Virtues–Perspective Matters. Remember the big picture. Recognize everyone has weaknesses. Be teachable, willing to serve others. Be grateful.
  5. I Will Strive to Finish Well–Faithfulness Matters. Choose to do the right thing and become a better person every day. Don’t wait to feel like it. It feels right to do the right thing.


Hello. I’m Bart Nollenberger and one of my most profound mentors is and has been John C. Maxwell and others in the John Maxwell Team. This is why I chose to become an Executive Director as part of The John Maxwell Team. I have the privilege of offering my services as a mentor to many and one of the easiest ways this is done is through MasterMind Groups.

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