You know. . . sometimes great teachings come from a simple blues song. It starts so powerfully with the title on this video: Don’t Let The Devil Ride. The song is Don’t Let Him Ride by Aaron Neville. In the first part he says, don’t let the devil ride because he will want to drive. Don’t let him in because he will want to rule, to be in charge, to do as he sees fit and that might not agree with our inner host. 
Of course, we always have the choice, don’t we? We can let the devil rule, make decisions, or we can choose from our better nature. It makes no difference whether we are choosing in business affairs or personal affairs. It makes no difference because our lives are our own to rule as we choose.
We can choose to love or we can choose to be in contempt of others. We can be uplifting or we can destroy with our words and actions. We can serve our clients or try to find a way to serve only ourselves.
Don’t let the devil in your car because he is absolutely gonna want to drive! Just keep on driving and following the bright road ahead.