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From John C. Maxwell’s outstanding book, Everyone Communicates Few Connect, What The Most Effective People Do Differently, John opens with how he has learned to know if he is connecting with others in all his endeavors:

“Most people have an easy time knowing when the connection is good on the phone. But they have no idea if they’re connecting with others in other everyday situations.

How do I tell? How do I know that I’ve connected with others? I look for the signs. When I interact with people, whether one on one, in a group, or with an audience, I know I’ve connected when I sense:

  • Extra Effort–people who go the extra mile
  • Unsolicited Appreciation–they say positive things
  • Unguarded Openness–they demonstrate trust
  • Increased Communication–they express themselves more readily
  • Enjoyable Experiences–they feel good about what they’re doing
  • Emotional Bondedness–they display a connection on an emotional level
  • Positive Energy–their emotional “batteries” are charged by being together
  • Growing Synergy–their effectiveness is greater than the sum of the contributions
  • Unconditional Love–they are accepting without reservation
Anytime I interact with people and I see evidence of these signals, I know I’m connecting. I’ve learned what it takes to connect with others, and I’ve learned to gauge when I’m succeeding.”

As an Executive Director on the John Maxwell Team, I’ve been trained by John Maxwell on how to best facilitate teaching his material to a wider audience. I offer several training programs on the book, Everyone Communicates Few Connect. All relationships are based on communication and making that communication more effective makes all the difference.

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