“I know what I have given you. . . 
I do not know what you have received.” 
— Antonio Porchia 

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That is, until you tell me in your own words, or show me with your own actions!

It can always be a challenge to achieve true communication, but it is absolutely a worthy endeavor. This is especially true for salespeople. As we are planning what to say next, we are often not listening fully and can thereby miss important information that will help the prospect to make a decision that would benefit the salesperson and the customer. Better to listen more and learn more so that you will know what to say that will help guide the customer toward the sale.

It may seem strange, but this is where good training comes to the rescue. The better trained, the more you have at your disposal so that you can listen well without being concerned about what to say next. Your training will make all the difference. 

When is training over? NEVER. Luck is not being lucky and getting something for nothing. It is preparation meeting opportunity! In this light, preparation (training) is an ongoing adventure. When does a doctor stop studying medicine? NEVER. When does a lawyer stop studying the law? NEVER. When does a salesperson get enough training? NEVER.

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