LAAAER Leadership Framework, Introduction to LAAAER

Bart Nollenberger’s “LAAAER” cuts straight to the core of communication and it’s an incredible tool for salespeople and  leaders at car dealerships. Tailored for the ambitious leading sales, finance, parts and service, this book is a blueprint for mastering leadership through effective communication.

Bart Nollenberger, leveraging decades of experience in the auto industry, crafts a pragmatic guide for middle managers, general managers, and owners.

“LAAAER” stands for Listen, Acknowledge, Align, Ask, Explore, and Respond. Each principle is a tool for navigating the complexities of dealership management. Listen to your team, acknowledge their efforts, align their goals with the dealership’s objectives, ask probing questions to drive performance, explore innovative solutions, and respond decisively to challenges.

“The LAAAER  Communication  Framework is a hands-on manual for immediate application. Nollenberger’s approach is grounded in real-world scenarios, making LAAAER essential for those looking to communicate  with impact in the automobile industry.”

– M. Curtis McCoy

Take your dealership to the next level. Bart Nollenberger’s LAAAER Communication Framework gives your team the skills to deepen customer relationships and significantly boost sales revenue.

It’s tailored for top-performing dealerships aiming to enhance their competitive edge and leadership effectiveness. By partnering with Bart, your team will learn to listen actively, acknowledge customer needs precisely, align solutions effectively, ask the right questions, explore customer desires deeply, and respond with impactful solutions.

Elevate your team’s performance and unlock new heights of success. Reach out to Bart Nollenberger today and set the stage for unparalleled growth and achievement!