“Practice is as valuable as the sale. 
The sale will make you a living; 
the skill will make you a fortune.” 
— Jim Rohn

Another great quote from Jim Rohn is this: “The purpose of training is to find out who you have.” These two quotes lead to three terms that make all the difference in any organization and anyone within that organization. Those terms are, Learn, Practice, Improve.

The purpose of training is to learn. The more and better the training, the more that can be learned. The more training the more the business determines who they have and what best to do to have them be a productive part of the organization. From a personal perspective, the more that is learned, the better the saleable skill is expanded, and the better the productivity personally and professionally.

There is simply no substitute for practice. Practice is the key to increase skill levels in the organization and also within each individual within the organization. If we don’t practice what we learn, what good comes of that?

Improvement is the end result of learning and practicing. Improvement is a given if the learning takes place and the practicing is encouraged as an organization or within the realm of each individual. We cannot force people to improve, and each individual holds the most power of their own improvement, but with good training and attention to the training being practiced, we can have the best opportunity to grow as an organization and as individuals at the same time.

Learn. Practice. Improve.

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