Bart Nollenberger is a motivational speaker, sales trainer, and executive coach with a background in the auto industry. He uses his experience to teach sales and leadership to business leaders and their staff, working with companies like Ford Motor Company, Toyota USA, AutoNation, and Galpin auto dealership groups. Bart’s training and coaching focus on improving confidence, communication, success-based mindset, integrity in sales strategies, and effective goal-setting. He offers personalized coaching solutions and training in both one-on-one and group settings, available on-site or via online webinars.

He has also written a book titled “Keep the Change,” which explores the journey of personal transformation through the lens of recovery steps and leadership principles. This book aims to guide readers toward self-knowledge and impact-making, advocating for continuous personal growth and transformation. Additionally, Bart runs a podcast where he and his guests discuss personal healing, self-care, development, and spirituality.

Early Career and Industry Impact

Bart’s early career in the automotive sector provided him with firsthand experience in sales and management, laying the groundwork for his future roles as a trainer and coach. His practical experience in this competitive industry helped him understand the challenges and opportunities sales professionals face, driving him to develop effective strategies and training programs tailored to this dynamic environment.

Certifications and Professional Development

Bart Nollenberger holds several key certifications that underline his expertise and dedication to coaching and leadership development:

  • The Maxwell Leadership Team Executive Director: This role signifies Bart’s deep understanding of leadership principles and ability to effectively impart these insights. The Maxwell Leadership Team’s focus on leadership, personal growth, and organizational excellence aligns with Bart’s commitment to fostering these qualities in his clients.
  • Auto Mastery University: This certification suggests Bart’s specialized focus on the automotive industry, equipping him with targeted strategies and insights that address the unique needs of auto sales teams and dealership management.
  • Jack Canfield Success Principles Certified Trainer: Aligning with one of the most recognized names in personal development, this certification highlights Bart’s holistic approach to success coaching. It emphasizes setting and achieving personal and professional goals, developing self-esteem, and managing life’s challenges proactively.

Methodology and Approach

A blend of motivational encouragement, practical skill development, and strategic goal-setting characterizes Bart’s methodology. He leverages his certifications and industry experience to create customized coaching programs that address the specific needs of his clients, whether they are individuals looking to advance their careers or organizations aiming to improve their sales and leadership capabilities.

Impact on the Auto Industry and Beyond

Bart’s work with major automotive companies and dealership groups like Ford Motor Company, Toyota USA, AutoNation, and Galpin has impacted sales performance and leadership development within the industry. His training programs are designed to improve immediate sales results and build a foundation for sustained growth and leadership excellence.

Personal Development and Recovery

Beyond the auto industry, Bart has made significant contributions to the field of personal development, particularly in the area of recovery and transformation. His book “Keep the Change,” and the accompanying podcast offer valuable insights into overcoming adversity and embracing continuous personal growth. These platforms allow Bart to reach a wider audience, sharing his journey and the lessons learned with individuals seeking guidance and inspiration in their personal lives.

Leadership Bootcamps and Coaching Programs

Bart offers a variety of coaching programs, including leadership boot camps based on the teachings of John Maxwell and other personal development leaders. These intensive programs cover a range of topics, from internal growth and self-awareness to practical leadership and communication skills, catering to both individuals and groups within organizations.

Community and Legacy

Bart Nollenberger’s work extends beyond the confines of traditional coaching and training. He is actively involved in community initiatives and speaks at various events, sharing his story of recovery and resilience to inspire others. His commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others, coupled with his practical approach to coaching and leadership, has established him as a respected figure in his field.


Bart Nollenberger’s career is a testament to the power of personal transformation and professional dedication. Through his certifications, methodologies, and impact, Bart has become a pivotal figure for many seeking to enhance their sales skills, leadership capabilities, and personal growth. His work in the automotive industry and beyond showcases a commitment to excellence and a deep desire to empower others to achieve their full potential.

In crafting a detailed article about Bart Nollenberger, these elements provide a structured overview of his professional journey, methodology, impact, and personal and professional development contributions. This narrative highlights his qualifications and accomplishments and reflects the broad scope of his influence across different spheres of life and business.