Modern-day Leadership in the Dealership – Coaching that causes real change!

Modern-day Leadership in the Dealership – Coaching that causes real change w/ Bart Nollenberger, Sean Kelley & Jonathan DawsonYour hosts, Bart Nollenberger, Sean Kelley & Jonathan Dawson, have coached thousands of managers into leaders!
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May 13th: 2pm – 6pm, Sessions | 6:30-8:30pm, Private Dinner with attendees & Speakers
May 14th: 8am – 3pm, Sessions | Event ends at 3pm
Where: Pinnacle Training Center (270 Scientific Dr. Norcross, GA – 35 minutes north of ATL airport)
Who: Managers who want to become better leaders, coaches, and mentors!
What: We will solve these 5 harsh realities that hold average dealerships back from unlocking their true potential:
Most managers have not been coached, trained, and developed into leaders.
The average sales manager, GSM, or GM has employees they don’t understand or know how to motivate.
  • The typical dealership in the country is selling + /—20% of what it was selling ten years ago (no exponential growth).
  • The average sales team sells 10-12 cars per person per month, making them unproductive half the time they are at work!
  • The average cost of turnover is over $50,000 per person in annual profit—every ten people = $500,000 in lost profit.
Have you ever thought, “Our store should be doing so much more!”?
Learn how to become a more effective LEADER:
  • Lead your people with impactful and meaningful one-on-ones with your team.
  • Engage your team member’s motivations to help them grow.
  • Ask questions to become a more effective coach and mentor
  • Develop buy-in whenever a change happens to reduce conflict
  • Execute the most effective recruiting and hiring strategies to eliminate (unwanted) turnover
  • Replace old thinking methods to help you connect with the new era of team members.

Modern-day Leadership in the Dealership – Coaching that Causes Real Change!

This event, scheduled for May 13-14th, features an impressive lineup of speakers who are seasoned experts in leadership and personal development within the dealership industry. Each speaker brings a unique perspective and wealth of experience, promising to offer actionable insights and strategies for real change. Let’s delve into the details of one of the key speakers, Bart Nollenberger.

Bart Nollenberger: A Visionary in Leadership and Sales Training

Bart Nollenberger is a renowned motivational speaker, sales trainer, and executive coach with deep roots in the auto industry. His comprehensive career has been marked by substantial roles where he has crafted sales and leadership strategies for major automotive companies such as Ford Motor Company, Toyota USA, AutoNation, and Galpin auto dealership groups.

Nollenberger’s approach is deeply influenced by his journey of transformation and recovery, which he openly shares to inspire and guide others. His book, *Keep the Change*, explores this journey through the lens of the 12 steps of recovery, integrating these principles with leadership and personal growth.

As an Executive Director of The John Maxwell Team, Bart has honed his skills in leadership development, professional skills, and personal growth. He brings both his experience and a structured methodology to his coaching and speaking engagements. He offers specialized programs through the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team designed to enhance leadership and professional skills across various domains.

Bart’s coaching style is characterized by a personalized approach, tailoring his sessions to each individual or team’s unique needs and goals. This bespoke method ensures that every participant gains practical tools and strategic insights tailored to their specific context and challenges.

Those attending the event should expect to engage in sessions that cover a spectrum from personal development to specific sales strategies, all aimed at fostering a culture of ongoing improvement and impactful leadership within the dealership context.

This overview provides a glimpse into what Bart Nollenberger will bring to the “Modern-day Leadership in the Dealership” event. His sessions are designed to inspire and equip attendees with the knowledge and tools needed to drive real change in their organizations and personal lives.

Sean Kelley: Coaching that Transforms Leadership and Sales in the Dealership Industry

Sean Kelley is an influential figure in automotive leadership and sales coaching, known for his dynamic approach to transforming dealership operations and sales teams. With a rich background that combines rigorous military discipline from his time in the US Army Special Operations with over a decade of automotive management, Kelley brings a unique and effective perspective to leadership and coaching.

A Robust Background in Leadership and Sales

After transitioning from military service, where he honed his leadership skills under demanding conditions, Sean Kelley applied these principles to automotive management, successfully revitalizing car dealership operations. His experience as a General Sales Manager and later as a Chief Business Development Officer for a CRM software company illustrates his ability to drive substantial growth and operational excellence within the automotive sector. Kelley’s methods have consistently led to increased sales volume, market share, and profit, underpinned by a marked improvement in online reputation year after year.

Innovating Through Coaching

Kelley’s leadership and sales coaching approach is encapsulated in his proprietary framework, “D.R.I.V.E.C3,” which focuses on accumulating small “coaching wins” that build up to significant organizational achievements. This method has proven effective across various industries, helping companies enhance employee engagement, career growth, and key performance metrics. By fostering a coaching culture, Kelley helps businesses modernize and improve their team dynamics, ensuring they are equipped to handle the challenges of today’s diverse and high-stress work environments.

Thought Leadership and Public Speaking

Sean Kelley is an accomplished public speaker who has shared his insights at major conferences and events, earning accolades for his engaging and motivational presentations. His speeches inspire and deliver practical strategies that companies can implement to foster long-term behavioral changes and enhance performance. His ability to connect with his audience and focus on actionable advice make his sessions highly effective and well-received.

Written Works and Personal Philosophy

Kelley’s influence extends to his written work, including his globally recognized book, “The Visitor,” which captures his personal and professional transformation philosophy. His leadership articles and training programs also reflect a deep commitment to helping professionals rediscover their purpose and achieve greater success and fulfillment in their careers.

Sean Kelley’s blend of military discipline, industry expertise, and a coaching-centered leadership style makes him a pivotal contributor to the “Modern-day Leadership in the Dealership” event. His sessions promise to be insightful and transformative, offering attendees the tools to revolutionize their approach to leadership and sales in the dealership industry.

Jonathan Dawson: Mastering the Psychology of Sales in the Automotive Industry

Jonathan Dawson, a key speaker at the “Modern-day Leadership in the Dealership” event, is celebrated for his revolutionary approach to sales training through his Sellchology—Selling through Psychology methodology. With over two decades of experience, Dawson has become integral in transforming dealership sales strategies globally.

Innovating Sales Training with Sellchology

Dawson’s core philosophy, Sellchology, is predicated on understanding the psychological aspects behind purchasing decisions and the interactions between salespeople and customers. This approach not only delves into why certain sales techniques are effective but also empowers sales teams to use these insights to enhance customer engagement. His training programs focus on creating a customer-centric selling environment, leveraging community-driven marketing, and fostering a people-focused leadership style within dealerships.

Practical Applications and Industry Impact

Jonathan’s consulting services are highly sought after by dealerships aiming to revamp their operational culture and sales processes. He offers a blend of strategic planning, efficiency improvements, and innovative marketing strategies, all designed to increase dealership profitability and customer satisfaction. Dawson is actively involved in the day-to-day realities of dealership sales, which keeps his advice grounded and immediately applicable. His engagement doesn’t stop at training; he also provides ongoing support to ensure sales teams can continuously apply what they’ve learned to real-world situations.

Educational Contributions and Speaking Engagements

Dawson is a regular speaker at major automotive conferences, sharing his insights on sales psychology and effective dealership management. His presentations are known for their engaging and practical content, aimed at inspiring sales teams and leadership to adopt innovative strategies for market dominance. His sessions are not just theoretical but are backed by his extensive hands-on experience in the industry, making him a trusted coach to some of the top sales professionals in the automotive field.

In summary, Jonathan Dawson brings a unique blend of psychological insight and real-world experience to the “Modern-day Leadership in the Dealership” event, promising to offer valuable strategies for attendees looking to enhance their sales effectiveness and leadership skills in the competitive automotive industry.

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Modern-day Leadership in the Dealership – Coaching that causes real change!