“The walking of Man
is falling forwards.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

In John C. Maxwell’s latest book, Leading In Tough Times, in the first chapter, Invitation To Opportunity, he writes about the advantages of adversity. This changes adversity from something to be avoided into something to celebrate.

He writes, “Good leaders understand that adversity and challenges are actually opportunities to rise up in leadership.” In this John lists some points that are worth the read. Here are the headings.

One. Adversity Introduces Us to Ourselves. He states how adversity demands our attention and it won’t allow us to ignore it and that it causes us to stop and look at where we are and what we are doing. He says that “Adversity creates an opportunity for self-discovery.”

Two. Adversity Is a Better Teacher Than Success. He says that adversity is a teaching tool. We can choose to learn from it or reject it as we do with any opportunity.

Three. Adversity Opens Doors for New Opportunities. Adversity can excite us or create discouragement, but it is always our choice of how we will view this.

Four. Adversity Writes Our Story If Our Response Is Right. John states that “some leaders treat adversity as a stepping-stone, others as a tombstone. The difference in the way they approach it depends on how they see it.

John asks, “What kind of story will tough times write in your life?”


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