“I never really had the classic struggle.
I had faith.”
— Denzel Washington

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This quote causes me to ask questions. First, if there is sufficient faith, is struggling even still a possibility? If one is absolutely and unshakeable in their confidence in the outcome, is a failure even a possibility? It seems to me that struggle indicates insufficient faith, otherwise, it wouldn’t be struggling because struggle indicates fighting against, or overcoming something that is hindering us. And, it seems to me that failure is not an option, or rather not even a possibility when there is unshakeable confidence. Unshakeable confidence is success.

It reminds me of a famous bible verse from Mark 11:24, “therefore I say unto you, all things whatsoever ye pray and ask for, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” The key is not asking, it is believing you already have them. If you already have them, that would be success. Therefore, there is no struggle or failure either.

And, don’t you know it, just as I do, that the believing part is the part we struggle with if there is to be any struggle. It is not the struggle of the task, the project, growing the business, or doing anything mentally or physically. It is the struggle of our willingness or our strong desire to believe that what we ask for, or desire is truly ours for the asking. We then stick all kinds of rationalizations, reasons why and all sorts of explanations that keep us from the simplicity of just choosing to believe.