In John C. Maxwell’s great book, Developing The Leader Within You 2.0, John lists three insights about influence:

  1. Everyone Influences Someone. In any given situation with any group of people, the dynamic of influence is always in play. He goes on to say that if you are observant, you can discover the prominent leader of any group. Titles and positions don’t matter.
  2.  We Don’t Always Know Who or How Much We Influence. One of the most effective ways to understand the power of influence is to think about the times you have been touched in your life by a person or an event. Significant events leave marks on all our lives and memories. Now think about the people who influenced you in a powerful way, or the little things that meant a lot to you. We are influenced every day by so many people. Sometimes small things make big impressions. We have been molded into the people we are by those influences. And we mold others, often when we least expect it.
  3. The Best Investment In Tomorrow Is To Develop Your Influence Today. Why? Because if you have the desire to accomplish something you will be in a better place to do it if others are willing to help.

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Good day to you! I’m Bart Nollenberger, and one of my most profound mentors is and has been John C. Maxwell and others in the John Maxwell Team. This is why I chose to become an Executive Director as part of The John Maxwell Team. I have the privilege of offering my services as a mentor to many and one of the easiest ways this is done is through MasterMind Groups.

I do many MasterMind Group sessions on The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, Developing the Leader Within You 2.0, and many other training opportunities created by John C. Maxwell and The John Maxwell Team. See more at the link below and get in touch with me regarding the next session, or any other of the many John Maxwell Team coaching and mentoring that I offer.

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